Leave a Good First Impression with Professional Website Design
It is crucial for businesses to leave a good first impression with professional design. Professional and credible website design is what helps consumers navigate the…

First impressions matter in the world of business. Business owners have only a few seconds to impress and convince the viewer that their business is credible and superior from its competitors.
According to Mighty Fine Design, you have only 0.05 seconds to get someones attention. That means that your website, is the first opportunity for you to earn your customers trust. We couldn’t agree more.

As a consumer, when you determine you have a need or a want for a certain product or service, the first thing you do is jump online and conduct a search.  In the search process you click the first few websites listed on Google or the first few profiles on Instagram. 

Here’s what happens:

  • Slow load time: EXIT
  • Unorganised home page: EXIT
  • Home job logo design: EXIT
  • Messy Instagram graphics: EXIT

The moment you click into a website that looks professional, organised and clean, you automatically feel a sense of trust with the brand and the services they offer. When investing your money into a product, you feel more inclined to shop using a business that you believe will provide a product/service that is high quality.

From a business perspective, achieving this trust requires a few things:

  • LStrong brand reputation
  • LExcellent customer service
  • LProfesisonal and consistent branding
  • LEasy processes for customers to purchase your product or services
  • LReliable products/services and unwavering quality

At Studio Nu, we incorporate these considerations into our designs. Our team of graphic designers create brands that are memorable, authentic, and professional. We are able to build business websites that ensure the purchase process is simple and that automate customer service features. We are able to create graphics for all digital platforms to ensure all branding is consistent across social media pages, website and online ads.


Here are some of our favourite websites that we have redesigned to show how truly amazing they are. They are great examples of how professional design leaves a strong first impression in the audiences mind.

We Might Be Tiny

We designed this website to appeal to the target audience of mothers. The design is bright, female-oriented and user friendly. It is perfect for mums of young children seeking products that are high-quality and make the meal experience fun for kids. The website is simple, clean and minimalistic which reflects the key characteristics in the brands product design.

Buck Wild Country

The Buck Wild website is yet another great example of professional and credible website design.  We designed this website to ensure it is user-friendly, easy to navigate and displays high-quality imagery. The look and feel of the website reflects the brands key product offerings and strong branding. It is designed to optimise SEO and have clear call to actions.

Liking so far? Oh girl you ain’t seen nothing yet – check out our portfolio page for some killer designs.