hey, we’re studio nu

a townsville-based creative design studio, building brands through succinct vision, thoughtful strategy and good times. 

Studio Nu Brand Graphic Designer Townsville_Team 7

A few things we love

When we are not creating really fun brands, you’ll catch us doing a 10am run to Fat Dogs for our coffee and sweet treat fix, belting out some fully-sick tunes (to the displeasure of Holly’s husband… #getadoor), unintentionally colour coordinating our outfits (we spend way too much time together), perfecting our accents, and all-round having phat chats.

But seriously, we love what we do and are super passionate about giving our absolute best to our clients. The most satisfying part of our work is seeing our clients thrive with confidence and growing with their brand.

Meet the
Full Gang

holly / Designer

Wage Daddy, Interpretive
Dancer + Live Typeface

Claire / Designer

studio’s first born, snack connoisseur + aesthetic patrol

Caragh / Designer

minister for yelling, dad shoe collector + finisher of tasks

Lauren / web Designer

walking chemist, espresso bloodline + it department

Tori / Accounts

walking daily mix, crowd control + payer of bills