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kajabi website

Are you a solo-preneur looking to grow your online presence? A coach or organisation looking to sell educational content and courses? Why not make a little casheeeeesh off your knowledge and expertise, all in one spot.

what is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for individuals and businesses looking to create, market, and sell digital products, services, or educational content online. Whether it’s online courses, coaching, podcasts, memberships, forums, email funnels, and more, Kajabi can help you turn your knowledge into profitable content.

Heck yeah, gimme!

why kajabi?

So you might be thinking “I can do all this using blah blah blah…”. And that’s all good and well if you’re happy to juggle 10 different programs. But if you have a little chaotic brain like we do and get a little lost in the 50 billion logins, getting notifications left, right and damn centre, then it’s time to do something a little wild. We’ll say it slowly for ya, CON-SOL-I-DATE!

What you get, all in one place:

+ Custom designed website

+ Sales / landing pages

+ Course builder & certificates

+ Online portal for your clients and customers

+ Forums & private membership groups

+ Integrated booking system

+ Email marketing and sales funnels

+ Inbuilt video recording and meetings

kajabi is perfect for you if you are:

sound like you?

  • NA life coach looking to sell online courses and 1:1 coaching sessions
  • NA fitness instructor wanting to start offering virtual classes and meal plans
  • NA consultant delivering services through video calls and webinars
  • NAn educational organisation offering online courses, training programs and workshops
  • NA creator wanting to build a community or membership for like-minded individuals
  • NA presenter looking to promote your podcast on all platforms

pay easily with
fortnightly payments

our Kajabi options

let’s talk money, honey

Our kajabi packages are all on a fortnightly payment plan to make this process simple and stress-free! If you’re ready to kick things off, simply select your option below to complete your new project form in the next screen.

Full Kajabi Setup

Account Creation & Admin Settings
Inclusions of Kajabi Website Package
1 x Consult/Membership Setup
1 x Email Template + Flow

$8,000 +GST

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Kajabi Website

Fully Custom Site Design
Home + 4 x Internal/Sales Pages
Responsive for Desktop + Mobile
1 x Consult/Membership Setup

$6,500 + GST

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Course Setup

Create + Add 1 x Course Content
Design + Build 1 x Course Sales Page
Implement Course Payments
Format Client + Course Portal


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