Why Social Media Aesthetics Matter
Let's talk about why social media aesthetics matter. Does the way an Instagram page looks when you first view it, determine if you scroll and…

Look The Part

Let’s talk about why social media aesthetics matter.
Firstly, let’s start by asking ourselves a few questions. Does the way an Instagram page looks when you first view it, determine if you scroll and follow? If a page is consistent is with its colours, fonts, imagery and post style, are you more likely to engage with their content?

For most of us, the answer is yes. The reason being is predominantly due to the fact that it is easy on the eye, quicker to navigate and is seemingly more professional. But from a marketing perspective, there are many other reasons for investing in your social media appearance.

Let’s Compare

For many businesses, social media is a virtual shopfront. Would you enter a store that looked had 5 different DIY logos on the front door, various fonts for the window signage, and an unorganised shop fit out? The answer is NO. So why would someone follow your page if you don’t take pride in your appearance.

Did you know that Generation Z are more likely to follow a page based upon the way it looks, rather than a page that posts valuable content. Therefore, being consistent with your feed aesthetic and creating a great first impression will encourage people to follow you before they even know if what you have to say is of value to them.

Take a look at one of our favourite brands that we have recently worked with, First Base Townsville. We did a rebrand, established brand colours, fonts and templates and revamped their Instagram. Check out the difference in makes.

First Base Gym Instagram Before shot
First Base Instagram After

How to Make Your Instagram Look Good

  • LFollow a grid feed
  • LInvest in a brand photoshoot to ensure high quality imagery
  • LAvoid large amounts of text on images
  • LOnly use your brand colours and fonts
  • LAvoid filters, or ensure they are consistent

Do you need help making your social media look the part? Chat to our team about a brand refresh and having some personalised templated designed just for you.