Email Marketing for Business Growth and Success
Email Marketing is crucial for business growth and is highly praised by marketing gurus. This is a form of digital marketing that has a high…

Directly Reach Your Audience

Email marketing is known to have a high return on investment and is a extremely successful way to reach a wide audience. The reason for this is that most people have access to their emails via their phone. This means that when emails are sent, you can expect them to viewed almost instantly.

For most people, checking your emails forms part of your morning routine. Undoubtably, having a regular email flow is vital for business growth and success.  There are numerous platforms which offer email marketing plans that are completely free. Therefore, implementing an email marketing campaign can be an exercise that has no financial cost attached.

Want to hear the bad news?

Unfortunately, email marketing only works if you have people to send your emails to… So let’s talk about how you can build your email list. One of the most important things to note, is that you must sell and approach your target audience from multiple angles.

People love a freebie or a discount. For this reason, businesses use giveaways, promotional codes and other high-value offers to persuade their audience towards making a purchase. Often, they don’t even care what the offering is. By promoting it on multiple channels, you increase your chances of more people signing up.

Try to implement these two key strategies to gain your customers contact details for your mailing list:

  • LTry offering sign-up incentives and upsells to gain subscribers
  • LPromote on multiple channels and platforms (social media, website pop ups etc.)

Check out these awesome tips and tricks from MailChimp about the importance of having a mail list, data capture form and more!

let’s talk about good email marketing practices

It is important that you plan and create valuable content that avoids the constant “sales” tone of voice. This will be counterproductive to your attempts to grow your list. Before too long you will see people unsubscribing. Once you establish a posting routine, it’s important to track your email analytics to see what resonates with your audience. Do they like your educational emails? Or perhaps they prefer tips on how to use your products? Whatever it may be, ensure it is integrated into your future marketing plans. Give the people what they want.

Using emails as a marketing funnel

Email marketing is a vital step in your sales funnel. Once you have captured your audiences details, you are able to then build a relationship with them, create trust within your brand and eventually drive these prospects to more of your products, offers and content.

Between the product offering and the sale, there may be a period where the user considers the purchase, adds to cart, and then decides to abandon the decision. This is where you can use email automations to remind the user of what’s in their cart and send a discount code for them to execute the transaction. Once they have taken the step and made a purchase, you are then able to use email automations to show your gratitude through follow up and thank you emails. This creates a positive and lasting impression in the consumer’s mind.

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