Why Every Business Needs a Brand Strategy
As designers, we are very familiar with the situation whereby business owners know that they are needing a brand revamp but feel a little overwhelmed…

Scenario 1:
No brand strategy

Client – “I need a new logo and branding. I am happy for you to get creative”

Designer – “Sure, we will design you some cool concepts for you” *Designer spends hours creating brand concepts*

Client – “I don’t love it. I don’t think it accurately represents who we are as a business”

Scenario 2:
Brand Strategy

Client – ” I need a new logo and branding. I am happy for you to get creative”

Designer – “First let’s create a brand strategy so we both know the right direction to take, your goals, your target audience and the purpose of your brand. That way the concepts will accurately represent your brand and the design with align with your strategy”

By having a brand strategy, the direction the business owner wants to take becomes clear,  the design work is more efficient and the final product is more likely to satisfy the customers needs. This saves time and money for the customer and allows Studio Nu to present your new beautiful brand as soon as possible.

The key elements of a brand strategy are:

1. Brand Purpose (what is your why?)

Do you know your why or the purpose of your business? To start writing your Purpose Statement, try using this guide:

To [your contribution], so that [your impact]

For example, our brand statement is:
To make the business world more beautiful, one brand at a time, so that business owners become confident and proud leaders of their brands. 

2. Brand Vision (where will the wind take you in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?)

This is where you need to create your vision statement.


These are what steer your business choices and the direction you go. What is the underlying reason you do things? What do you value?

At Studio Nu, we strive to offer fresh + creative ideas. We seek innovative ways to help businesses thrive. Our team values building strong relationships with our clients to ensure they trust the quality of our services and LOVE every design they receive. We work as a team to ensure we are punctual with our clients work and exceed their expectations every time. Most of all, we make the process of creating your dream brand FUN!

our values

1. Creativity
2. Customer trust + satisfaction
3. Innovation
4. Punctuality
5. Fun

4. Target Audience

The task of defining a target audience is perhaps the most important step in creating a brand strategy. By having a clearly defined target audience, we, as designers are able to confidently create strong brand concepts . A brand that targets males aged 45 + will be created very differently than a brand targeting female mothers aged 24-35.

We suggest you create a customer profile. If you could name the ideal customer for your business, who are they? These are things to consider:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Location

Is it all too much to think about? Why not chat to our team and let us help you map it all out and help you realise why every business needs a brand strategy.