How to Propos(al)
When it comes to proposals, think of them as the first date with your potential clients – you want to spark interest, build connection, and…

When it comes to proposals, think of them as the first date with your potential clients – you want to spark interest, build connection, and set the stage for a lasting business relationship. Crafting that perfect proposal can be quite the balancing act, but with a dash of charm and a pinch of savvy, you’ll have them at ‘Hello’.


Let’s break down how to create the perfect proposal!

1. Get Personal

When you’re chatting with a friend, you talk directly to them, right? That’s your golden rule for proposals too. Dive into what makes your client tick and show them you’re not just throwing a template their way. Customise it with their goals and your insight – it’s like the difference between a generic greeting card and one that’s been picked out just for them.

2. Keep It Clean and Crisp

Imagine your proposal is your workspace – you want it to be inviting and organized, so your client feels at ease stepping into it. A clean layout with your branding will let them know this is your territory, and you’re a pro at making things look good and function well.

3. Straight Talk

Let’s cut the fluff. When you’re explaining what you can do for them, clarity wins. It’s like explaining your latest business idea to a friend in a way they get excited about it too. Make it simple, make it clear, and you’ll make sense.

4. Speak Their Language

Keep the convo flowing with language that gets them nodding along. It’s not about showing off with big words; it’s about making a connection. Talk about their future successes like you’re both envisioning it together.

5. Showcase Your Wins

Don’t be shy to share your successes. It’s like telling a friend about a win – not to boast, but to share a moment of pride. Include a couple of testimonials or case studies to give them a peek into what working with you feels like.

6. Let’s Talk Numbers

When the bill comes after a meal, no one likes surprises. Same with proposals. Be upfront with your pricing, so they know exactly what they’re getting into. Honest conversations about cost set the stage for a transparent partnership.

7. Give Them a Taste

Ever recommend your favorite book or show to a friend? Give your clients a preview of the results you can achieve for them. Whether that’s through a portfolio showcase or a testimonial, it’s a great way to reinforce that you know what you’re doing.

8. What’s Next?

Ever had a great coffee catch-up and promised to do it again soon? Your call to action should be the business equivalent. Make the next steps clear and inviting, so they know how to keep the momentum going.

9. Eyes on the Details

Just as you’d notice if your friend got a new haircut, pay attention to the little things in your proposal. Typos or errors can be distracting, so a quick proofread can keep things smooth.

10. Sign on the Digital Line

Finally, let’s make it easy to say yes. In our world, a digital nod is as good as a handshake. Include an e-sign option to wrap things up neatly.

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