How to build trust with your website


Some of the most successful e-commerce stores achieve their greatest success by building trust with their consumers. How do you replicate this success through simple changes to your website? Here are our top tips.

1. Offer incentives

Incentives such as free shipping or free returns are marketing tactics that assist in getting your customers over the purchase line. People are deterred by shipping costs and are more likely to purchase the same item that is slightly more expensive with free shipping than the other way around.

Free returns will also work in your favour when it comes to online stores. When consumers are purchasing an item without the ability to touch and see the product in person, they often rely on their ability to return the item with little hassle. In fact, 70% of Australia consumers consider the return policy prior to making an online purchase. By offering free returns, you are showing that you have confidence in the quality of your product and it gives the customer peace of mind that they can return it if they are not satisfied.

2. Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Cluttered and unorganised websites that are difficult to navigate can act as a deterrent for customers. A few things to consider for an online store:

  • Is your shop easy to find from your main page?
  • Are your images used to display your products high quality and show a variety of angles?
  • Is the purchase process simple or are there multiple steps?

3. Have an aesthetically appealing and efficient web design

It should be a priority to make sure each user has a positive customer experience. This will help you stand out from the crowd. A great website design reflects the value of your products or services.

4. Include customer reviews

Nothing builds trust better than testimonials. Of course, a business can toot their own horn, but when it comes from someone else who gets no financial gain by speaking positively about a brand, it becomes more reputable.

5. Include a live chat or contact us form

Customers do not want to speak to a robot. They want to communicate directly with the brand on a personal level. This will assist in making sure your customers feel supported before making a purchase.

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