Design trends of 2022

As we close a chapter and say good riddance to 2021, we start to reflect on what we think will carry into the new year and what the design landscape will look like for 2022.

2021 was all about retro 70s fonts, vibrant patterns and funky colours. We saw minimalism take a side step as the need to standout became more apparent. Physical store closures created a very busy content schedule, as brands fought for attention online. The need to get creative and tap into content creators to share the creative load has become far more sought after, as distance lessens with the overuse of zoom and other online channels.

We’ve well and truly landed in 2022, a year filled with hope for what will hopefully be filled with travel and social activities.


We sat down and predicted what 2022 will look like for us designers, this is what we are seeing so far

Graphic Design

Retro Throwbacks

Last year saw psychedelic patterns, funky flower power prints and retro fonts, and we think this year we will continue to see colours and patterns across branding suites and social media. Bold patterns, bright colours, swirls and checks are across our design mood boards. We ain’t mad about it!

Minimal Redefined

We are starting to move away from minimalism branding, people are bored of monochromatic designs and sleek fonts. We predict font based logos mixed in with vibrant colours, patterns and custom icons. We are excited, because brands are unlikely to look the same when so many elements are out to play!

Experimental Fonts

Wavy, weird, abstract fonts are in! Fonts making more of a statement is our prediction. Goodbye symmetry this year is all about pushing, pulling and warping fonts to be weirdly wonderful.


QR Codes, here to stay!

They were lame now they’re everywhere, it’s an easy, simple and now understood tool for audiences to go from print collateral to online in seconds. We think the use of QR codes will continue on packaging, signage and in store experiences. 

Motion, and Go!

Motion graphics, stop motion and video content are here and evolving. As TikTok creators continue to create motion based trends, brands are pushed to be more creative. If you want to stand out you need to consider motion in all your content production.