Business feeling stagnant? It’s time to consider these changes

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

More often than not this is because your brand has become irrelevant, in a busy market where new businesses can pop up every day out of nowhere we are forced to be more agile. This means staying relevant means staying up to date. Is your brand irrelevant because it’s doing the same thing it did 5 years ago?

It’s time to step up your efforts, and consider the following:

1. New product photography

Had the same product photography for years? Most likely outdated and therefore irrelevant, it’s time to step up your product shots. If this isn’t something you are confident with, consider getting a professional photographer or stylist. Get lifestyle and product shots done together so you have a bank of options for your website and social media. (Yes we can do this for you)

2. Rebranding, or a refresh to your current branding

Much like fashion, design trends are constantly changing. It’s time to check in with yourself and your friends, and ask how your brand is looking? It might be time to consider a brand refresh or a total rebrand. A fresh new look can be all you need to build up your confidence and put you back on the map! (Ask us about branding)

3. Content overhaul

It’s time to get creative with your content. In a content crazy world things are constantly evolving and changing. Not limited to images, now graphics and video are essential to your content strategy. Not your skillset, feeling overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing.

4. What’s your goal?

Time to revisit your vision statement? Are you still striving for the same things as 5 years ago? If not, it’s time to revisit your business strategy. You need your why before you can work on your how! Time to dig deep, ask us about a brand strategy.

5. Keep learning, keep evolving.

Feeling stagnant is a shitty feeling! Maybe you are feeling a hint of imposter syndrome, constantly comparing yourself to others in the industry who are Killing it! It may be time to upskill. What are you insecure about? Are there things you could learn to do better? Consider taking courses or getting a business mentor to help guide you through this phase.

6. Outsource your weaknesses

We are big fans of this! Be it accounting, admin, marketing etc… Whatever you are finding difficult in your business is most likely what is suffering the most. Consider outsourcing your pain points to a professional, so you can spend more time on the things you love. Take control of your business, if nothing changes nothing will change! Get in touch with us, we can help!