If I had a nickel for every conversation I’d had with a business owner who feels stuck in an ugly branding rut—I’d be a rich woman (not to mention a very old woman if it’s nickels we’re dealing in).   

But seriously!  If you’ve even thought about starting a business, then I can guarantee you’ve already had the internal dialogue around the subject of branding and asked yourself the question, “Is it actually worth investing some moolah into, or can I get away with not?”  

The dialogue goes a little something like, “I desperately want my brand to be shit hot, but I just got the quote from the designer and OMG, really!? Surely I can get it cheaper. I’ve seen some cool looking script font logos on Etsy for like $100. I could start a Fiverr account and get a custom logo there for cheap. Or maybe I could have a crack at it myself—it can’t be that difficultright?” 

While the little stingy demon sits on one of your shoulders trying to convince you that these are actually viable options, allow my angelic little head to pop up on the other and not-so-quietly ask, “Are you out of your effing mind?!” 

You think you might be cutting costs by attempting to pull off your branding on your own or via an anonymous internet supplier on Etsy or Fiverr, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

What you [might] save initially, you will lose a thousand times over in a compromised brand reputation, a difficult-to-work-with branding suite, and a logo that doesn’t appeal to the right crowd because the Russian graduate who designed it for peanuts actually has no experience identifying and reaching your specific target market.  

Fast forward 12 months and you’re likely to find yourself on my doorstep anyway, so let’s save the tears and bullshit, and just make magic now. 

Here’s just a couple of reasons why you should put your money where your mouth is when it comes to your branding:  

  • There is a lot of research, time, expertise and fine tuning that goes into excellent branding.  Cheap logo producers are cheap because they mass produce logos, not excellent brands.  
  • Branding experts know how to use logos and will teach you how to use your logo. You will get the full suite and style guide so your brand can’t be bastardized. Win! 
  • When you invest in your branding, you will love it—not just initially, but for the life of that specific brand. In other words, it won’t outdate quickly and you won’t cringe every time you see it. (This is kind of important; after all, you kind of need to be proud of your brand to be able to put your name to it, right?)  

 Quality branding really is a non-negotiable if you’re serious about being the owner of a successful business.  

Check out my branding packages here (they’ll be delivered to your inbox) and get in touch if you’re ready to take the next step. I promise you won’t regret it!