I know you… you’re the closet cringer who shudders every time you catch a glimpse of your logo or brand material.  Sitting down face-to-face with your dream client excites you—but scares the shit out of you—because your dream client actually knows good branding when she sees it and, let’s face it, your brand strategy (read: no strategy) is ugly, outdated and extremely overlookable. That is a word, I promise.

So you know it’s time for change, but ‘God, kill me now’ is the tune playing in your head at the thought of a rebrand because you know how much time, money, and energy goes into that process, plus you’ve just ordered 1000 new letterheads (insert: devastated emoji), not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of brand collateral you’ve built up over the years in the form of business cards, your website, email signatures, blah blah blah.

In a perfect world, you’d have thousands of dollars to be able to update everything overnight.  But let’s be real Serena van der Woodsen, it’s going to take time.  

Rebranding is indeed a massive process, and a daunting one at that! The good news is: it is a process!  [Inhale].  So you don’t need to hit it all at once.  [Exhale].  

If having your old logo on your collateral is the only thing holding you back from upgrading your shitty brand, here’s what I’ve got to say: 

Suck it up and do it.  

You’re not going to wake up one morning and miraculously love your branding.  You will forever despise it, until you do something to change it.  Trust me on this one, I’ve been there. Plus, how do you expect your customers to know how awesome you business is if you’re too embarrassed to even show them!?  You want to be proud of your brand! 

So here are my three tips for rebranding—in stages:

  1. Start with a new logo. This is an easy one for you as it doesn’t take up a lot of your time—you just have to fill out a brief form and give your feedback.  How simple is that!?  A little (actually massive) tip if you want to make your mark and see your new brand stand the test of time is: invest in your logo design—don’t be tempted with the cheap and nasty logo options from 99 Designs, Fiverr and premade Etsy crap.  You get what you pay for and anyone who knows anything about good branding will say the same—RUN!  You can read more of my uncensored views on this matter here. 
  2. Write a list of everything that has your current logo on it, then prioritise what needs to get done ASAP.  Start the rebrand process with the items you use all the time ie. Business cards, email signatures, letterheads etc.  Most designers actually offer packages where it’s cheaper to get a few things done at once, so explore those options where you can.  A big expense with any rebrand is the cost of printing, so consider getting your designs ready in electronic format and then just do a print run when you need it.   
  3. Triage the rest of your brand collateral and only get stuff designed and printed as you need it! If you’ve only just had your old logo embroidered on your uniforms, just wait until you have to order more to implement the new one.

See, that doesn’t sound too overwhelming—does it?   

As an experienced ‘cringe-over-branding-but-can’t-be-effed-changing-it’ business owner (only to take the plunge and not look back), I highly recommend biting the bullet/pulling the finger out/throwing caution to the wind—because life’s to short to stay embarrassed about your brand when something can be done about it NOW!! So you go Glen Coco!  Get cracking on a brand that tickles your insides; that you can’t wait for the next opportunity to flaunt in public.   

Check out my package details here to get an idea of prices on rebranding, or flick me an email and we can talk further.  You have my full permission to take baby steps on this—but take a step now and make the change.  You won’t regret it!  (Have I mentioned I have a side career in motivational speaking?)